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Desert Labor LLC
PO Box 598
133 N Columbia Ave
Connell, WA  99326

Office: 509-234-9596
Fax: 509-234-1590

Desert Labor Pasco
1920 W Bonneville St
Pasco, WA  99301

Pasco Office: 509-547-0253

Jody Barker, Owner
Email: jody@desertlabor.com
Cell: 509-546-1278

Antonio Ramos, Field Manager
Email: tony@desertlabor.com
Cell: 509-531-9474

Chase Brandner, Shop Manager
Email: chase@desertlabor.com
Cell: 509-318-0192

Danielle Briney, Office Manger
Email: danielle@desertlabor.com

Lupita Sandoval, Safety and Field Manager
Email: lupita@desertlabor.com
Cell: (509) 318-0602

Cristal Ramirez, Office Administrator and Trainer
Email: cristal@desertlabor.com

Deanna Sanchez, Payroll Specialist
Email: deanna@desertlabor.com

Marisol Chavarria, Front Office Assistant
Email: guadalupe@desertlabor.com

Bianca Garcia, Pasco Receptionist
Email: bianca@desertlabor.com